Honestly Caitlin, Fox?
Amber Lisa

Don’t shoot the messenger. Let’s face it, the Russia story is about the Wiki-Leaks Podesta email dump. Everything else is side show. Russia has meddled in our election process for decades as we have done in theirs. Nothing new there.

IF Seth is the originator, the entire collusion narrative is done. All of the other MSM outlets are pursuing this narrative and it’s not to their benefit to investigate this thread. Looking at this objectively, If I were any of these other outlets, it would benefit me to bat this story down. And that is precisely what they are doing.

Julian Assange has only 1 card in his deck to play and that is his ability to protect his sources. Minus this, his entire enterprise folds. No one would provide any more “leaks”. However, even with this hanging over his head, he has offered hints. Specifically, he said it’s an “inside source”. Also, after Seth was murdered, he offered a $20,000 reward to find his killer. To date, no one has challenged the voracity of his leaks.

Regardless of who reports the story, If it can be confirmed and I’m not saying that it is, it’s game over at least as far the Russia story goes. I would even go so far as to say that it would damage the credibility of the MSM, but I don’t think there is much left to be lost.

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