I worry that your well reasoned argument will fall on deaf ears.
Jay Kapoor

I can assure you not only will Trump supporters not hear this message, but will see it as one of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of articles who’s only intention is to derail this presidency.

It’s ironic you mention the “Media engine” that props him up. Where exactly do you get your news? Other than Fox, where he gets a modicum of support, every other media outlet fires non-stop at the man.

But back to the main point. Will Trump supporters hear any of this? No.

The problem is the contrast and it’s stark. Yes, you had a few right wing blogs, Breitbart and Fox News that were critical of Obama, but mostly the main stream media was either mute or offered fairly positive support.

Contrast this to the daily/hourly/minute dissection of Trump. Article like this one resound and amplify in the echo chamber, but are tuned out, turned off by Trump supporters.

It reminds me of the person yelling at me on the telephone. I set the phone down, come back a few minutes later and they are still yelling. When the progressives are ready to have a non-unhinged conversation, let us know. Otherwise we’ll keep checking the phone to see if the anger has dissipated.

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