Why a Truly Intersectional Feminism must be Liberal

Thank you so much for explaining inter-sectional feminism in it’s current form and it’s perfect form. If I understand this correctly, you are advocating for women to accept all women regardless of political persuasion or belief.

Since clearly you are from a different planet, let me introduce you to the human race. We have this thing called “Human Nature”. Some believe it comes from God/devil while other think it comes from environmental factors or are simply born with it. It comes packed with a lot of emotions and conditions. Chief among the negative are greed, corruption, pride, lust, anger and laziness. Maybe on your planet, you’ve figured out a way or developed some sort of drug to remove these conditions, but we haven’t figured it out yet.

Every time the collective creates a semblance of this utopia, someone who has managed to hide their human nature comes along and destroys it. Think Lenin, Marx, Stalin, etc… Their thought being, if you can get all the sheep into the same pen, they are easily controlled and slaughtered.

But I am a simple man and what do I know. I’m sure you are right that when women control the world none of these issues will exist. Good luck with that.