The worst part about this, which I can’t imagine the owners in question are unaware of, is that…
Kyle Alden

That is the best part, not the worst. Minimum wage, like most progressive policies keep oppressed people oppressed. $11 an hour is NOT a livable wage, nor is $20, in fact you’d need to get to around $30 before a person can support themselves on their own.

Most people earning more than $30 had jobs starting at far less than $11. You are discriminating if you think they are not capable of following the same path you have.

Pay a person what they are worth, not some arbitrary number ginned up by bureaucrats and social justice warriors designed to keep people down. If you are worth $1 then you probably need more skills and initiative. If you are loaded with skill and initiative then your pay is commensurate.

If you are truly developmentally or physically disabled, that is completely different and as a society, we need to be there for you. But if you are healthy and capable of work, prove your value, don’t steal it from someone who does.

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