Op-Ed : Why The MSM Is Scared About People Like Mike Cernovich and James O’Keefe

The definition of an “echo chamber” is that ideas and opinions are magnified. The MSM has a wildly inflated opinion of their own opinions. Middle America is tuning this out.

Every day I see 1000’s of “likes” for any content critical of Trump or his supporters. In this echo chamber, they think they are moving the needle because each comment is meet with cheers by the choir. The problem they don’t see is the rest of the community doesn’t attend their church.

When things don’t go their way, they ratchet up the noise, which in turn, turns off more people. They won’t see it because they are struck blind by the echo chamber.

It’s fun to see them fracture with calls to move even further left which has the effect of turning even more off.

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