This is pretty full of conservative sound bites that, I assume, make you feel good about yourself…
Nelson Lowhim

Touché — you’ll have to forgive me for the republican references. You are correct, it doesn’t reflect modern politics. JFK would be an alt-right conservative by today’s standards.

In 1984, two years before I graduated college, 20 years after the civil rights act passed, my friends and I (black, Hispanic, white and Asian) were discussing the state of race relations in the US. For the most part, it was a non-starter discussion. Not because anyone was uncomfortable with the topic, but rather it wasn’t a significant issue. I’ll credit MLK, whom I have incredible respect for and the 1964 civil rights act for this.

Something interesting happened over the next 30 years. Instead of Americans becoming one homogeneous group, someone decided that we needed to be segmented, identity politics started. All in the name of diversity and political correctness.

Now you and I are expected to be “pitted” against each other. Not working together for a common purpose. They have succeeded beyond ALL expectation.

Not that it’s important what I think, but it appears this method is working exceptionally well for the global elite. Not so much for everyone else.

P.S. Thank you for your polite and well reasoned response. Look forward to more conversations like this.

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