Oh, hi again Larry.
James Ferrell

You are a little off on your Defense spending percentage.
Here is how the budget is broken up by department spending. Note that Defense is 13% not over 50%.

The over 50% number IS for social services when you combine health and human services, SSA and VA — 53% to be exact. As for transportation and infrastructure the number is 1.6%.

I completely agree with you that the government should focus on transportation, infrastructure, firemen, policemen, and scientists.

The problem today, if you haven’t noticed, is the corporate oligarchy that control the strings of government to serve their needs instead of the citizens. All the while pitting the left and right against each other. So you have people on the left believing that over 50% of our budget is spent on the military. And on the right, that our country is being over-run with illegal immigration. The leaders make these statements with full knowledge that what they are saying is a lie. But quite frankly this is what gets them elected.

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