You don’t see Trump as being unstable? He’s got that whole brain/mouth wiring a little crossed, and he’s the one acting like a gaslighting, manipulative partner.
You don’t see Trump as being unstable?
Geoff Atkins

You won’t believe this, but you are simply falling for the media’s narrative. The issue is not one of Conservative or Liberal, rather globalism and liberty.

The media is controlled and paid for by the globalists. Trump regardless of politics isn’t following the script. This is a problem for them, they can’t buy him and can’t control him. So they report 24/7 on all the “mistakes” he makes. They dissect and parse every word that he utters. No one looks good under this type of scrutiny.

As a person looking in from the outside, I would think you would spot this and find it laughable, if of course it wasn’t so serious.

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