History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

I see a sad state of affairs coming as well. But I live in the United States. Things are different here. I ask, can anyone living here, no mater where in the US, imagine thousands of American teachers getting fired, (Air Traffic Controllers under Reagan not quite the same thing) journalists and lawyers rounded up by authorities under presidential or congressional order and placed in prison, or a gulag like system for dissidents? We are apart from the physical world body unlike is Eurasia, it is almost impossible for us to see it coming especially from within because we can not, even divided as we are with a ‘hate all POTUS options’, see mass round ups. Oh, but wait! Lets apply that to the black/inner city environments. They’ve see it happening for decades now even after Civil Rights. It does exist in isolated communities and we see it and are trying earnestly to change it. But I digress.

I see a direct correlation between the rise of a grotesquely morphed Conservative/Republican party lead by Trump and his “angry” followers and Brexit and the pending votes in other EU nations. It saddens me that we seek disunity rather than repair the concerns people have noted with the current systems. So fast to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Think Trump and immigration policy. The European Union was created with the best interests of the peoples future in mind. That alone is adequate reason to preserve the original intent and not conflate it into something unrecognizable. Isolationism is a bad idea. Everyone back to their corners. Well, then there is no working together and the aggressors will seek out the isolated countries and we will have another world war and it will start over there. America may be responsible for invasions into others sovereign territory but a world War it has never started, only been drawn into. (Unless you are willing to declare the War on Terror a world war but I hardly think it is) I still believe albeit ideologically and ethnocentrically that the USA can and will be the light all nations can look to for guidance but only if we reject the turn back agenda of a Trump presidency and listen to the people clamoring for fairness, freedom from corporate money influence and corruption amongst its political elite.

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