Why isn’t there a free tier for Newton?
Umesh Gopinath

This will sound like I’m being paid to write it, but I’m not. In fact, I have absolutely nothing to do with the folks at Newton, other than I subscribe to their product.

I’m a retired geek and computing business owner and since I first entered the computing industry in 1995, I’ve been on what seemed like an eternal search for the perfect email client. I can honestly say I’ve tried them all…honestly, every single one, from the few that never lasted a month to those still in business today.

I realize that every email user is different, every company is different, and that’s why there are so many different email clients. But that said, most of them have a similar interface that displays folders, an inbox list, and messages. Newton has these things, but it doesn’t clutter up your vision with all of them at once. It lets me focus on whatever I’m doing at the moment. If I’m scanning my inbox to choose an email to read or act on, the inbox is all I see. If I select an email to read, that’s all I see. If I compose an email, that’s all I see. For me, I don’t want a bunch of windows cluttering up my view.

Next, fonts. Some users complain that Newton doesn’t allow them to choose from a gazillion fonts to read or compose messages. I initially thought this was going to be an issue, but after using the font type and size Newton forced on me, I understood why they did it. Again, simplicity, readability, and perfect font size for anyone (short of someone with visual impairment issues). I have grown to love the font/size in Newton.

If you’ve tried Newton, you already know about the Superchargers, and they make a huge difference in my workflow. Newton allows me to select only the ones that apply to me, so the rest stay out of the way. Also, the folks at Newton say they’ll partner with some other prominent products in the future.

I only have two primary complaints with Newton, and the first they say is on the horizon at some point, so I’ll patiently wait for it. Mac menu bar notification of new messages. This is something 99.9% of all email clients have this and it’s 100% necessary. Most Mac users hide their dock and don’t mouse down to bring it into focus just to see if there’s a badge on the Newton icon. I hope this is implemented sooner rather than later.

The second issue I have will most likely take a lot longer to implement, if ever, and that’s Gmail labels, or at least something similar. I get it…implementing labels is counterintuitive to the beautiful and simple Newton interface. But it’s so important to Gmail users that most of them using Newton probably do like me and end up using Gmail itself when it’s absolutely necessary to apply multiple labels or other labeling tasks. I can only hope this will someday bubble up and be implemented

That’s it. I love Newton, it’s interface especially, but also it’s support team is great. They are always responsive…always! I have never failed to receive an almost immediate reply to any email I’ve ever sent. This alone is worth the price of Newton. Without paying for Newton, how will good support happen? How will new features be developed? Great coders don’t work for nothing. If you want a free email client, there are plenty available. If you want a “great” email client, you have to pay for it.