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Mar 30, 2018 · 1 min read

This study was conducted by Associate Professor and Dean’s Distinguished Research Fellow at Colorado State University, Kelly D. Martin; Assistant Professor Abhishek Borah of the University of Washington; and Professor Robert W. Palmatier, John C. Narver, Endowed Professor in Business Administration at the University of Washington. It was published in the prestigious Journal of Marketing in January 2017.

When I first read and profiled it, I thought it was interesting in its own right; however, that was prior to the incredible bombshell of the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica situation and its contamination of other technology companies.

I‘d like you to read this Power Point which I had submitted in class. In light of what has transpired over the past two weeks, pay special attention to some key points, including the very creative application of “gossip” theory to how we feel when betrayed, the effect of vulnerability when we are dealing with customers, and the authors’ notion of spillover vulnerability to other market participants.
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