Who's To Blame If One Gets Killed In An (Uber/Tesla/Waymo) Self-Driving Car?
Seyi Fabode

Thoughts to be pondered here, Seyi. With the furious advancement of technology, driverless cars should be the now. Not future. We are prone and motivated to accept something radically different. And it’s natural to question. I’m sure to trust AI but I cannot say that I’ll trust AI more than humans and vice versa. After all, AI is used and programmed by humans and each has its range of strengths and weaknesses. Humans and technology can and will make mistakes. The technological benefits these days is that it now provides real-time information that can further fine-tune processes.

Take planes for example. The idea of flying a jumbo jet was unheard of. Back then, it was so bizarre and raised so many safety issues. But today, flying is the safest mode of transportation. Of course, I have some reservations about driverless cars. But I trust my pilot with the “auto-pilot” operation that comes with planes, so perhaps we can approach this one step at a time? Thanks so much for sharing.

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