Wisconsin lawmaker wants Sheriff David Clarke booted from office, immediately
Carimah Townes

When it comes to Poor folks , there are many different reasons they exist .

Some simply do not know how to quit being the poor folks .

Some do not want the responsibility of the not poor folks ( home up keep, and keeping up with the Johnson ) .

And so many other reasons I can not list them all .

When it comes to us being different , I borrow an old saying “ Vi La Difference “ . For if we all were Computer Technology experts , then there would be no one to mow the grass . If we all were Landscape Maintenance Specialists , then there would be no one to FIX my Computer . So on and so on , as long as it is not an attack on the person . property , or safety of another , it should not be a crime regardless of the Social Status , Bank Account or lack there of , of the accused or so called victim .

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