What you need to know about Diabetes before you get it

Diabetes means that cells are insensitive to insulin. Blood sugar, glucose, in the blood stream goes high and there is a risk for nerve, and other damage to the body. With diabetes the regulation of the glucose level is out of control. So why do we get it? There is a hereditary factor. People with Diabetes in the family are statistically more prone to get it. Early life habits play a role. Did your parents suffer from alcoholism? Many alcoholics get Diabetes and unless you are an alcoholic too there is no reason to get it that way. Drinking too much alcohol keeps the body struggling to survive despite the acidity introduced by the liquor.

  • When the body is too busy

When the body is occupied with one thing, it has difficulty handling other complications. A person recovering from heart problems or stroke, may very well succumb from pnemonia, or something else that had little to do with the original problem. Occupied with one thing, the immune system cannot cope with a second issue. People who are under tremendous stress, get Diabetes. Some women get Diabetes during pregnancy or while giving birth. Any severe unhandled inflammation of the body is an invitation to problems with regulatory systems such as blood sugar control.

  • Is the cause eating too much sugar

Diabetes does not come from eating too much sugar. On the other hand it doesn’t come from eating too little sugar either. There is sugar and processed carbohydrates in everything we eat. That increases insulin dependent obesity. Once our energy reserves are filled up, insulin is used by the liver to convert excess glucose and carbohydrates into fat. The risk of getting Diabetes thus increases with every inch added to the waist. We grow fat in response to simple and complex sugars that we cannot use because we are too stressed or ill to do it. We enter into pre-diabetes.

Illness does not occur without an environment that promotes it.

  • What the body and bloodstream needs

What the body and blood stream needs, is to be alcaline, and sugar is very acidy. Processed food, and substances that are hard to digest, like gluten and milk, causes intestinal inflammation and open doors to health problems such as Fibromialgia, Metabolic Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Leaky Gut, and why not Diabetes. The bodies regulatory systems are interconnected. When one breaks down, the others struggle. Blood pressure increases. The thyroid gives up. Hormone production goes awry. We stress more, eat more, sleep less, ignore health problems, grow fat, and WHAM, Diabetes. That is why Diabetes is a wellfare illness. We aquire it from eating incorrectly and by stressing our bodies to the limit and we are too busy to know what is good for us.

  • To prevent diabetes

Eat healthy and do what you are doing when you are doing it.

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