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What an overweening bunch of snot-dragging jackasses. The morally superior with their strict interpretations, until they want to see it a different way. I listen to you buck and a quarter jerks that seem to think your idiot ass opinion means something, but there’s always something wrong with it.

For instance, we read the Constitution where it says in the Second Amendment very clearly the Militia is the reason for not restricting ownership of firearms, but it says nothing about the government and firearms in any other social situation.

So I got to ask all you folks that think this is such a great thing. What exactly constitutes being on strike. I may have missed it, but I did not find anything that required the Nurses conduct any specific physical action to signal the start of the job action.

I question the validity of a four year decision and note that much changes. The type of comment made by the folks supporting the appeal decision that went against the Nurses is hardcore rigid about following the exact letter of the law and all seemed to be very negative towards people What is the problem with people trying to get ahead and push the employer to be more beneficial towards them.

There is a disturbing element that seem to think people working for a living are all leeches sucking the life out of businesses. There is a balance that has to be met for all participants and those business mercenaries believe it’s a take no prisoners world and destroying a business is no problem if it is the result of destroying the workforce.

There is a lot of snot sniffing going on with a lot of these folks.

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