The Desktop Calendar for Mac is a free time management, widget that stays active on your Mac desktop

When it comes to time management, being “busy” and being “productive” are two terms that can be easily confused. Anyone can be busy, but most people want their days to be more productive and accomplish more. In the current technological world, being productive can be even harder due to the endless distractions that we are always being exposed to.

We are always being informed about new information that needs our attention or action. It seems like the only way to survive is through the use of a proper tool that can manage all this information and alert you when necessary. That is precisely what I did after finding myself forgetting all kinds of events; including birthdays and weddings. I started with the iCalendar, the default widget called that comes pre-installed in all Apple OS.

However, I quickly realized that iCalendar contains a limited number of features and I was missing out. That is how I stumbled upon the new Calendar Desktop Mac, and for now, I am very well content.

The Desktop Calendar for Mac is a time management and event organizing tool designed for the twentieth century Mac user to plan for future events… The Desktop Calendar for Mac bridges these gaps in terms of additional features and functionalities. As a result, managing events and reminders become fast and easy, even across different calendar platforms. Furthermore, the Desktop Calendar is not meant to replace your iCal. As a matter of fact, it is designed to synchronize with iCal when installing. This way, it can share the additional features and functionalities with iCalendar.

Download the Desktop Calendar for Mac for free and put it on your desktop as your own virtual personal assistant

The Desktop Calendar for Mac is the best time management tools I have seen so far. It just makes it easy and convenient to create and manage events. For instance, just by selecting a specific day, month or even a year, you get to access all the upcoming events, alerts and reminders contained in the widget.

After installation, this app will always be active on your Mac desktop, ready to alert you of any pending alerts or upcoming events. Finding events and reminders could be tiresome, especially if you have to go through a lot of information. The Desktop Calendar Mac is fitted with an advanced search module that allows Mac users to easily find events based on date or subject.

If you want to take it for a test and see all this for yourself, this tool’s trial version is available for free from the Gladwev Software Inc, the developers of this useful Mac Desktop widget. It is designed for all Mac users all over the world. It developed with capabilities to support multiple languages in order to appeal to Mac users everywhere, it does not matter what language you speak.

Integrate third party calendars with the Desktop Calendar for Mac and manage all events and reminders from your Mac desktop

The Desktop Calendar for Mac comes with loads of additional features especially compared to the default I Calendar. For instance, as mentioned above, this app is able to integrate with iCal such that every modification made in the Mac Calendar Desktop app will be available from iCal and vice versa.

Besides the automatic integration with iCal, you can also add other third party calendars such as Google calendar, and access events and reminders that had created in that platform. While using the Desktop Calendar for Mac widget, Mac users can expect to enjoy instant access to all events, just by going to the Menu bar on your Mac and quickly launching this tool. After starting the widget, you will have access to the amazing features that will definitely change how you manage upcoming events.

I have made a list of other additional features and functionality you can quickly skim through to get a clearer picture of what this tool offers Mac users:

· Easily create new calendar events as well as edit and delete events that you have already created using this tool. These modifications are then updated automatically in your iCal or even Google Calendar.

· Filter events according to what you want to view. For instance, you can view events based on upcoming events or incomplete reminders in your iCal or other synchronized calendars.

· Search Module — you can easily look for any upcoming events or reminders via the powerful and fast search module included in this tool.

· Amazing user interface — the Desktop Calendar for Mac features a special window where Mac users can easily view all upcoming events for that specific day, month or year.