Nothing good comes without sacrifices

Nothing good comes without sacrifices — tales my grandmother told me!

Yes!, I made it into Andela bootcamp week 2. The previous week has been a code-filled week with so much to learn and practice.

Looking back in retrospect, I could only wonder how I graduated from someone with such a strong hatred for web technologies to someone having so much fun with node.js, express.js, sequelize and other related beautiful technologies — so much fun!.

You might begin to wonder how and what has changed. I have always loved (and still loves) desktop and mobile app development but I realized my bigotry has clouded my judgement of other technologies — especially web related technologies. So, when the andela fellowship opportunity came up with the prospect of making me into a World Class Software Developer, I was excited because I have always wanted to be one.

However, few days into the bootcamp, I realized that web technology is major at andela. It was then time to decide what to do, — quit or continue?

Quitting was never an option because I have always purposed in my mind to finish well whatever I start. So, I must adapt and make it to the end — become an Andela Fellow and ultimately a World class Software developer.

However, decisions like these are not just to be made out of desperation but out of careful personal evaluation and reflections. I took time to ask myself why I had such hatred for web technologies and the funny thing was I could not find a reasonable explanation — just hatred!. Then I went on to list out some of the benefits web technologies has to offer — from universal apps to full stack web apps and so on — and I realized how much of a tech fool I have been all these while; refusing to embrace change.

So, I fell in love (and still falling in love) with web technologies — Javascript precisely. It has not been easy but I have adapted so well that I realized that this love should have been a long time coming.

So there it is, I hope someone is inspired by this. Maybe it is time to start that process you have always avoided for no reason. Maybe it’s time to adapt to change. Maybe it’s time to learn something new. Maybe, just maybe my friend.

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