Great article and tips.
Felipe Spengler

Hi, I think these are good things for an interviewee to suss out, but, as an interviewer, these questions sound a little aggressive. If I heard these questions during an interview they would make me think twice about the candidate. This guy is just going to come in and complain about stuff right off the bat, I would think.

But, as a I said, the things you’re asking about are really important for you to know before taking a new job.

I would suggest asking the same things, just leave them more open-ended. Give your interviewers a chance to brag rather than putting on the defensive.

Try, “Are there any unique perks and benefits you offer? Ones that reflect your culture?

And, “How is the worktime in the office? Are there any hours or days more challenging than others?

and, “What makes for a successful team here?”

and, “How do you recognize success?”

This way, you’re getting the same information, but you sound like someone a lot more fun to work with.

Interviewers, ones who are happy with their jobs at least, want to talk about how awesome they and their employers are, play into that and you can learn more.

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