A Complete Guide to Buy the Best Tea Tree Oil

Nature is the mine of many precious and miraculous trees and herbs which are rich in their goodness. Tea tree oil is one of such incredible natural wealth. But buying pure and healthy tea tree oil is not so easy because there are various types of tea tree oils available with impurities. You should choose proper tea tree oil that will provide the highest quality ingredients in the purest form.

All tea tree oils consist of a natural antiseptic named terpinen 4 OL, which has anti-microbial properties. The difference between various tea tree oils is the actual combination of terpinen 4 OL that you will be able to get in the bottle.

How to Choose the Best Tea Tree Oils:

Here are some fruitful tips to help you while choosing the best tea tree oil -

Try to ensure the tea tree oil you’re about to buy, meets at least some of the below mentioned criteria:

Determine the percentage of Terpinen 4 OL: Terpinen 4 OL is the basic antiseptic agent in tea tree oils. The higher the percentage of terpinen, the stronger the antiseptic properties will be. You will find Terpinen concentrations can range from 10% to 40%. Some people may be sensitive to higher concentrations, so you must be aware of the possible tea tree oil side effects.
Does your bottle come packaged in dark brown glass bottles: Some recent studies have proved that terpinen-4-ol can promptly oxidize and even becomes useless once it is exposed to light. Light exposure can also boost the levels of para-cymene, which a hydrocarbon found in tea tree oils and according to the Environmental Working Group Cosmetic Database, para-cymene is a known to cause skin irritation. So make sure that the tea tree oil is packaged in a dark brown glass bottle.
What’s the % Concentration: Some tea tree oils come mixed with some other essential oils like peppermint or eucalyptus oils and these adulterated mixtures may affect its actual action. Therefore, each of the component should be in balanced concentration.
Is your Product 100% Organic: You would obviously want to purchase products that are 100% Certified Organic. As organic products will offer higher levels of purity and terpinen 4-OL concentrations that is actually beneficial for you. So before buying tea tree oil, make sure of that.
How much it Cost: Prices may depend on some conditions such as the size of the bottle, the overall strength of the product i.e. the percentage of Terpinen 4 OL. Also, it will depend on the oil as to how pure it is i.e. it can be 100% pure or mixed or diluted with other substances.
Where to buy tea tree oil:

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