Andela Boot Camp, Project Week: Day 2

No ‘I’ in team

Part of the Andela culture that I’ve grown to love so much is collaboration. You really have no idea how well Andela embodies collaboration until you get to bootcamp. It’s in the random guy in a blue Andela shirt that greets you like they’ve known you for years. It’s in the lunch time conversations about experiences and opinions. And most of all, it’s in the boot campers, facilitators and fellows ready to fire up their command lines to help crush a nasty bug. This has been especially important to me since, in my pursuit of perfection, I tend to get stuck a lot. However, with collaboration, I’ve been able to reduce the time it takes to implement features to a minimum. And that’s something that is crucial to ensure your success as you traverse occasionally murky code.

For the better part of day two I worked on structuring my database and SQL statements so that they populate, retrieve and edit the table rows as required. SQL stands for Structured Query Language and it’s used to communicate to a database using structured statements. It gets quite exciting once you have the basic syntax covered. For my database, I created a table with two auto-generated Id and Date_Added columns, and a Notes column that will keep a record of all the user notes.

With one main script and two support modules for my app, my next task is to ensure that all variables and functions are defined across all three. I expect it to happen naturally while I continue to add features to the app. So that’s it for today…

Have a pleasant day now, will you?