Why I do not see ‘status’ as ‘success’.

In this modern world in which we are all becoming older and older as time passes us by status is being seen as something of importance, it defines our success in this world. The more people think of you the better off you are.

But I think it is much more complicated than that. For me it makes more sense that someone is successful when they achieve there goal whatever it is actually, it does not really matter. As long as they achieve what they want to achieve and are happy with that. So that they know they are successful for themselves rather than how known they will become by achieving this goal. Status seems just so shallow to me because it does hardly say anything about the person in particular. I believe that you can perfectly paint a painting in your living or bedroom and never show it to anyone and still have the status of a successful artist. Why would something only be successful if it is seen by a lot of people? When it comes to our goals or what we want to express I think we should look inside and make sure we are pleasing ourselves and not other people by trying to accomplish these goals. Sure, you will not make a lot of money if any at all but who cares really. Money is probably the worst goal/motivation to have anyway.