Find Your Joy

Harnessing your inner child

This morning I spent ten minutes watching my six month old daughter play on her jumper. The unbridled joy on her face as she leapt into the air was mesmerizing. Each jump, every leap, followed by a squeal of delight as she defied gravity and her feet left the ground. I watched with a huge grin. Her joy brought me joy.

As a new Father it was an amazing experience. The kind of experience that makes you wonder when you last felt that carefree and focused on the moment. As we get older, that unbridled joy gets harder and harder to find. There are no more jumpers, no trees to climb. There are responsibilities, and mortgage payments, and distractions, and expectations we heap on our shoulders. That unbridled joy becomes a distant memory.

Somewhere along the path from childhood to adulthood we change. Maybe it’s part of growing up and conforming to social norms. Who knows. What I do know is watching that joy had me feeling it.

Maybe that’s parenthood. You re-connect with your inner child as they experience things for the first time. You see the world through their eyes. You once again see joy in the simple things the experience of adult life has made mundane.

I’m still figuring this Fatherhood thing out, but if the above hypothesis holds true it won’t be long until you find me in the nearest tree.

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