On Perspective

Perspective. It’s one of the single biggest factors on one’s outlook in life.

So much of our lives are beyond our control. We sway between wins and losses. Some of this we control, some we don’t.

Life is not a pendulum. It does not divide itself evenly between cycles of highs and lows.

Fate is a combination of randomness and eventuality. The latter, shaped in some way by our actions and outlook.

We can’t choose our fate, but we can choose our outlook - and by choosing to do so we can shape our fate in significant ways.

When the pendulum of life swings against us, all we control is how we respond. We can choose to dust ourselves off and move on, or not.

At times it’s a false choice. What does it mean to move on? It may mean holding onto that dust, even as you move forward and pick up the pieces.

We will get knocked down in life — some more than others. Our struggles, laid bare, don’t define us. How we respond is what defines us.

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