Week Two: Oct.12–16th

This week wasmy volunteer orientaion at People Serving People. I took the lightrail off campus and walked just one block-it was really convenient! There were three other U of MN students there, one was even from the CLA 1005 class. One other girl joined us who worked with AmeriCorps. After being introduced to our volunteer coordinator we took a tour of the building. They have 99 rooms for families as well as 10 two-bedroom apartments for families. The building seemed really comfortable and the rooms were spacious. 1,286 homeless familes received shelter at People Serving People in 2013. The shelter offers 3 meals a day to the guests as well as a medical clinic staffed by Hennepin County Healthcare for the Homeless. The organization seems extremely efficient and helpful to all their guests. After the tour we signed up for our volunteer times and opportunities. I signed up to be a volunteer in the “Daytime Early Childhood Development Programs.” This means I will assist the staff in the Preschool! The children range from 4–5years old. There are typically two volunteers, two teachers and 12–15 kids, so I will become very involved. I am extremely excited to begin next Friday morning! Next week will be my first post about my hands on service learning project!

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