Norwegian Coffee Talk: Darkroom App — from inspiration to finished product

Why does everyone overthink things so much?

Photo: Ryan Gomba

“There’s a very strong sense of empowerment that comes from sitting in a cabin near Trolltunga, imagining a future in which people edit photos differently, and delivering on that future.”

Majd’s old and new workflow
Photo: Ryan Gomba

“But filters came with too much constraint, and that’s what we’re trying to fix with Darkroom. Take the best of filters, and give people creative freedom.”

Photo by Max Voltar

“If we’re ever disagreeing, I’m focused not on the disagreement, but on figuring out why we’re disagreeing. Usually disagreement at this level of conversation uncovers more basic disagreement about where we imagine the product going.”

Curves in Darkroom

“The product should reflect how we imagine it should work. As long as it doesn’t, we have work to do.”

“We have a whole set of problems we want to fix with mobile photography, and we chose the minimum set of problems that present a coherent story to go to market with.”

“I knew Darkroom was ready to launch when I took a photo, opened Darkroom, edited it, and shared to Instagram without once noticing the app. It was me and my photos, and that’s the way it should be.”

“Product development is a magic trick. It’s an illusion. If that illusion ever breaks down, your whole performance crumbles.”

Crop and rotate in Darkroom
Save as Square Photo in Darkroom



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