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Going fully remote as a team will be a challenge a lot of us will have to solve these days. This is how we plan to do it.

First things first. Stay safe. Practice social distancing, wash your hands, follow all the official health guidelines and local authorities and let’s do our best to contain the spread and minimize the load on the hospitals. This is going to be tough and our hearts go out to everyone who is affected by the virus — whether that is economically or physically. It’s normal to be feeling anxious, worried and even a little cabin fever-y.

In moments like this, it’s okay to take a pause and remember to breathe. In the end, we will find a way through this and figure it out together. Maybe we will even emerge from this crisis stronger. That is our hope anyway. …


Lars Højholt

Communications Manager at @recodedofficial. Enthusiastic hobby person and optimistic fan of @arsenal. Previously at @informeren and @kommunerne.

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