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This piece is remarkably free from allocating any sort of accountability to the institution actually responsible in law for public education — the state. We fete Cuban spies (“lily white” by the way, while most Cuban dissidents are African — yes, “structural racism” in your language) and pretend to ask — why are the Cuba healthcare / education / public service so effective?

Well, here is the reason — Cuban public officials do not demand an increase that steals the future away from our children, while refusing to submit themselves to performance management. The state employee payroll and social grants now swallow up 56% of the TOTAL state budget, and keeps on rising. That is cash spent on consumption, before a single school is built. A Cuban doctor or teacher is prepared to do work “for the cause” for less than USD 100 a week. Good luck selling that to SADTU.

The South African state spends billions on propping up a bloated SAA, essentially so that government officials and middle class people can fly at subsidised prices, while the educations system is left to rot — not for lack of money, but for lack of accountability. The “Ministry of the Presidency” just demanded an increase of its budget from R300mn to R1bn. Why on earth do we need a “Ministry of the Presidency”? Yet Mr. Molefe, you are, quite astonishingly, unable to put your finger on these outrages and keep framing everything in terms of the identity politics more suitable to a struggle that occurred two decades ago. If there ever was a good case for proving that a refusal to relate to the world in any terms other than those of identity politics paralyses you to deal with the future, then this is it. You sir, will do better if you go and throw shit at Nkandla instead of worrying Mr Benatar.

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