As the rate of technological innovation increases, we have to rethink our methods when designing for the future. Here’s how to approach the needs of the users of tomorrow with forward-thinking, ethical design.

By Mischa Szpirt, Techno Anthropologist
Rie Scheuermann, UX/Design Specialist
Andreas Larsen, UX/UI Engineer

Designing for user needs is at the core of UX, but have you ever tried designing a solution for a user who doesn’t know they have a need for it yet?

Innovative technologies are reshaping our lives to a degree where disruption has become the norm. This poses incredible challenges for designers to become…

I created it because I couldn’t find it. We’ve only just introduced it here at momondo but my hopes are that it will make it easier for:

  • frontenders to layout elements
  • designers to see if the layout looks as intended at different viewports
  • all of us to get a more consistent design with e.g. less custom widths

Techniques Used

I didn’t have to worry about our browser stack — its a devtool. This meant I could rely on fun stuff like var().

CSS variables are really useful because we can overwrite them in media queries which gives us preprocessor like powers…

Tehranians on the slopes of Darband Sar looking at Mt Damāvand (5,610 m)

Memories, pictures and people from a 4½ day trip

I needed a break.


❶ Flight tickets were fairly cheap. ❷ I had no idea what to expect. ❸ They had snow clad mountains. ❹ I had heard good things.

But, Aren’t They the Bad Ones?

The western media paints a dark picture of Iran but the recent nuclear deal and subsequent lifting of some sanctions has somewhat alleviated that although lacking human rights is obviously still a major concern.

Our wonderful brain helps us navigate the world by grouping and simplifying what it encounters to make sense of it all. …

Pre-event preparation — the room was full 2 mins later 👻

Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen hosted as we reconsidered dogmas surrounding JavaScript and looked at the recently released Angular 2 with Chris Heilmann and Tiberiu Covaci respectively.

Below you’ll find talks, code, tweets and pictures (video should be coming soon). Our next event will be about “bots & conversational interfaces” and will probably be announced in a week. Stay tuned.

Javascript isn’t evil… — Chris Heilmann

With Progressive Web Apps being the big thing and ServiceWorker allowing us to build applications resilient to unreliable networks we need to reconsider what we consider “best practices” for web development. Our world of Desktop machines with fat connections got replaced…

Interactive and 360 video

Thanks for a great evening in the twentythree garage. Below you’ll find the slides from the event.

Is a11y-first the new mobile-first?

TL’DR: Scroll down for videos (you should at least watch the first 30 minute demo and talk by Lars who’s practically blind himself).

Very informative about a topic that has been given too low priority for way too long. Lars sharing his struggles (and successes) was very powerful. — Ulrik H. Gade

Thank you

The limitations of a mobile screen really helped us focusing more on what’s important to present on a website. I strongly believe that a focus on creating more accessible websites will make them better and easier to navigate for all users and not just people with permanent disabilities.

Sketch with Craft on my Macbook and InVisionApp on my iPhone

I got access to the private beta of the Invision Craft tools other day and figured I’d show you some of what it can do. Craft is a set of tools that work inside Sketch.

Thoughts on Prototyping

As a designer and programmer I want to:

not just build the product right but also build the right product.

To do that I create prototypes and test them with my users. Unconvincing prototypes can distract the users with the risk of skewing the feedback I get. But 🕰 = 💰 and creating convincing prototypes used to take a lot of time. …

Sorry for the bad image quality. My camera is currently at the office.

I made these lamps for my hallway and I quite like how they turned out.

They are easy to make. All you need is:

  • Concrete (I used the repair kind with fibers in it).
  • Misc. Lego bricks
  • Cardboard
  • Tape
  • Lamp wire
  • Threaded bulb socket
  • Bulb


This is not really instructions. Just showing you guys some pictures. There are many great tutorials online already on how to cast concrete — also using Lego.

But feel free to ask me any questions should you have any.

I’m proud to announce that Crafting Type will be coming to Copenhagen this spring where they’ll do a 2½ day workshop open to anyone interested in typography.

You can read more about the event and sign up here — early birds will save 10% and students get 50% off. The schedule will probably look a bit like this and the instructors will be Thomas Phinney and Blondina Elms Pastel.

1508 has kindly offered to host so we will be in the centre of Copenhagen.

I’m just the guy who made it happen and I’m really looking forward to seeing you all there. You can follow me @larsenwork and/or @craftingtype for updates.

TL;DR… Vectors are also code. Treat them accordingly.

Let’s draw a heart. I’m drawing using spiros because that’s how I can draw curves fast. Our heart looks like this:

Andreas Larsen

Jack of all trades — master of some. Design+Code+Type+DIY. Meetup organizer.

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