One simple old Trick against FOMO

A couple of weeks ago I planned writing a story about asynchronous communication (not finished yet, I will link it here when it is).

The major problem for me of not reacting to a new information, wether it was send by WhatsApp or in a Facebook group, was my Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). There are so many things happening that might be interesting to me and I could not participate, because I did not know about them.

I think it is the fear of regret that bothers me most. A memory not made. A lost picture of the past. A lost opportunity to have a happier life. Also there is some kind of envy on my friends having some shared experience from which I would feel left out (the rest of my life! ;-), when they will talk about it in the future.

But then, after reading an article here on medium I remembered this old idea from time management, Steven Cove for example.

You simply make a list of the things that are important in your life and number them according to your priorities.

Then, when you get your FOMO, you can always look at your list and compare the priorities of the things that want attention from you. Do I want to read my book or go to a party? Do I want to meet a lot of people or only some close friends?

And also you could go from reaction to action by contacting a specific friend or switching of your mobile.

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