Dear Dana: Thoughts On Living Well

Photo Cred: Annie Spratt

Don’t ever forget to be kind. Remember that no matter how hard it might seem, there is always someone else out there who has it harder than you. Know yourself, but don’t be too proud to welcome the unknown. Believe in yourself, but don’t let that belief make you mean. Do one pro bono project each year. Let your friends know how deeply you love them…never be ashamed to say I love you to a stranger. Smile even when it hurts and hope even when you feel broken. Have “say yes” days way more often. Be there for your family, but don’t let them walk all over you. Know the difference between boundaries and values. Eat popcorn with lots of truffle salt. Live outrageously, whatever that looks like to you…even if it’s taking an afternoon nap. Love…love…love. Keep an eye out for adventure, and always be willing to fall. If your pants don’t fit, buy new ones. Love your body, no matter it’s shape or size that day…you’re perfect. Believe unapologetically in aliens. Let your imagination run rampant. Yes, those are fairies dancing on sunbeams. Watch your favorite shows and read your favorite books for as long as they inspire you. Don’t let your inspiration die. Hold every moment like it’s sacred and visit mass every once and awhile. Hold tight to the memories that serve you, and let the others burn in the sunset. Be brave.

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