Two Main Types of Waste Collection Containers

When it comes to handling your waste needs, you will definitely look for effective ways to take care of it as you care for your neighborhood and your environment. You will check the credibility, professionalism and dedication of the residential service provider you hire for your needs. This will ensure your waste is disposed of properly. But at the same time, your waste management company will also expect you to cooperate with them so that the job is done right.

The waste management companies educate their clients on some Do’s and Don’ts of waste management. They provide them containers to collect waste and ensure the trash is tied before collection. The waste collection containers come in different sizes. You can choose containers depending on your waste removal needs.

The two popular standard sized containers are the 95 gallon cart and 320 gallon cart. The 95 gallon cart is typically used for a small family. Larger families who need a bigger sized container for waste collection can ask for additional carts to take care of their garbage needs. The cart is provided with wheels so that it can be easily moved to the location on the pickup days. Another sized container is the 320 gallon cart which is typical for large families, small offices, small motels and duplexes. This container does not have wheels. This cart should be kept in a location where the automated truck can easily reach for easy waste disposal.

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