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Wake up and smell the …

Are you ready for a new wiew on coffee?

Common knowledge ought to have taught anyone and everyone something about coffee. To mention a few things: First the basics. Where coffee comes from. Next what it is good for. Finally: how it works.

The majority of coffee sold in the world, though not all, comes from the plant Coffea Arabica. [The other variant is Coffea Robusta]. Coffea Robusta is, as the name states is more robust and yields more beans than does Coffea Arabica. Yet it still only comprise about 30 percent of the total amount of coffee produced in the world.

[Consider what would happen if one changed the majority of Arabica with Robusta? It has a parallell to oil. You would get more coffee, and the prices would drop. Which is not a bad idea in itself. But certain powers would not like that at all.]

The soil where Coffee grows remain, according to some sources, poisonous. Other sources states the exact opposite. No empiricism exist. This has an interesting parallell. Coffee, in itself, is not poisonous, lest one is allergic to caffeine. It is rather one of the richest sources of antioxidants in existence.

[The parallell I am referring to is this: Wherever islam sprouts, it poisons. Not so much the soil, but the environment. It brings death and disease. Why? The answer is simple. Because it worships a different God — than the real God. He who was, is and remains, the God of Israel; the God of Avraham, Yitzhak and Ya’akov. While he is a God of life and love, Allah — better known under the name Ba’al, is a deity of death and destruction.

If you have the notion that you need islam — you have misunderstood something serious.

Now, let us stretch theCore. Lets, for the argument, say that Coffea Arabic equals islam. At the same time Coffea Robusta does not. That means we do notC need Coffea Arabica. We get better coffee, and more of it from Coffea Robusta. But it will take some years to clean the soil and replace the plants before we can reap its benefits].

Coffee also, because of Caffeine makes us awake. At least in the beginningC. When one, , like me, has drunk coffee for nigh on ones whole life the body gets used to the stimulant. (I began drinking coffee at 5 years of age), and as such the stimulant doesn’t work with me as it did. I can drink coffee now, without any reaction at all. I sleep as well as a baby, with a pint of coffee under my belt, as without a pint of coffee.

Now, where am I going with this line?

Did you notice the name of the plant? What was that again? Oh, yes, Coffea and concrete Arabica or Robusta.

History tells us that the first coffee, came from Yemen. That means as far south and east as it is possible to come on the Arab Peninsula. Let’s fool around with this information for a bit.

Former POTUS, Barack Obama, like his predecessor, stated that «Islam is a religion of peace». Even though there is ample proof that it is not. Not at all. Now, where does islam hail its brief history from?

Yes of course: The Arab peninsula.

Now, I do not mean to say that everything that comes from the Arab world is poor, bad, evil, terrible, or whatever. As the majority of all coffee, terrorism as well as islam has one common denominator: Arabia.

Those who claim to know urges the idea that 95 percent of all terrorists are arabs. The same urges that the lion’s share of the last five percent are Muslims.

Barack Obama, or whomever else, who thinks that islam is a «religion of peace» are of course allowed to think that. But it doesn’t make them right.

First Islam is not a religion, per se, but an ideology. To qualify as a religion any doctrine must fulfill “Affirmation”, “Belief” and “Conversion”. Islam has no “Affirmation”. (According to Comparative Religion’s rule of ABC). Because islam is fatalistic. This we see through the statement “Insh’allah”. It is all up to Allah and whatever mood he is in on the time of death of any given person, if the person will enter Jannah. Jannah is Paradise.

No other ideology is shown to have spewn as much hate through its unholy writings as does islam (and its variants: Roman Catholicism, Socialism, etc.).

What more is the connection?

Oh, yes: If people open up their eyes to the realities of islam, they will see the truth in this. Just like when the smell of coffee in the morning wafts into the bedroom. Its almost as when Mom shouts: WAKE UP, AND SMELL THE COFFEE.

The difference is that now it is I who shout: Wake up and smell the hellish stench of Islam.

Wake up and realize what is the truth about islam, its deity and its nature.

As for me I’ve long since switched to Coffea Robusta.