Should we avoid deploying spinnaker for K8S deployments until the changes are implemented ?

Hey, good question. The two versions of the provider can be run at the same time on a single installation of Spinnaker, both pointing at the same Kubernetes cluster(s) if needed. If you have workloads being deployed by the current version they’ll be surfaced by the new version. However, the types of deployment workflows you’ll want to orchestrate & create pipelines for will probably look very different, so migrating those from one version to the next will take some effort on your part (although we’ll be publishing tooling & guides to make that easier).

If you already have manifests that you’re deploying (via drone, helm, jenkins, etc…) switching to Spinnaker right now is probably a waste of time given that the new provider should be usable this year. If you’re new to Kubernetes, it might be worth giving a shot.

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