Are you a watcher or a player?

Are you a watcher or a player? This is the question posed at the beginning of Nerve directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. These two directors have always partnered in making films prior to this movie. Some of their titles are, Paranormal Activity 3 and 4, Catfish, and Viral. This movie takes the elementary game of truth or dare and takes it to a whole new level(puts it on steroids). In the game of Nerve, watchers put up a dare and a specified amount of prize money for the players to play for. Packed with action and crazy dares from small things like kiss a stranger all the way up to achieve 60 mph on a motorcycle blindfolded.

This film fits right into the interest of current teens worldwide due to the appeal to danger. In a day like today, teens are always chasing that desire to rebel and to take risks and have fun. This movie encompasses all of that and more. This movie focuses on 2 teenage kids who begin as players and end up partnering with each other after they meet during a dare. This dare was the beginning of a long list of dares for a girl named Venus or Vee for short. The dare consists of a simple task, Kiss a stranger for 5 seconds. Franticly searching for someone as time begins to run out Vee finds a stranger who also happens to be a player(she doesn’t know yet), and she kisses Ian for the whole 5 seconds. This is considered their meet cute in this mixed genre of action and romance. From this point on watchers begin to place dares that require both of them to work together and take risks in order to succeed and in some cases survive. This shows the brilliantness associated with this film by creating an action movie that also in turn creates a type of love story that makes for an interesting plot line.

Nerve stands out from other films due to its point of view of the main characters. From general filming the film takes a turn and films a lot of the movie from the perspective of a smartphone. This allows the audience to see the actors emotions and reactions to what they are seeing. The app runs all the action from providing dares to recording proof of completed dares. While the whole movie is not filmed through the eye of a smartphone or computer, there is an abundance of times where each viewer can see the character from the perspective of the inside of a smartphone camera. This creative shot allows the viewer to see not only what the actor sees but also their reaction to what they are seeing. This brings fourth a style that is not present in many different movies and it is because of this style that Nerve stands out as an extraordinary film.

This type of movie is interesting in how there really isn’t anything else quite like it yet and it appeals to all by having an emphasis on the action aspect as well as the tied in love story. However if you enjoyed this film you might want to check out Source Code directed by Duncan Jones which presents similar action and a hint of game. In my personal opinion this was a good movie and it kept me interested with all the action and the increasingly more dangerous dares. After all who doesn’t like a good ol’ game of high stakes truth or dare?

Grade: A-

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