My first Twitter chat experience — #brandchat

This past Wednesday, I participated in #brandchat. It was my first time participating in this chat, and a Twitter chat in general, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised how fun and insightful it really was.

As a student, I was unsure if I would know enough to really contribute. However, I felt I contributed solid answers and read a lot more great thoughts from others. I’m looking forward to the possibility of joining another Twitter chat in the future.

Here are some of the #brandchat questions asked and discussed.

· Who are the brands quick to respond and what are their best practices?

There were a lot of brands chatters came up with. Tweeter @brianna_sachs mentioned Uber is quick to respond to customers. There were also mentions of Nike, Starbucks, Amazon and Zappos, to name a few. My answer included the online shoe company Zappos. Within just a few minutes, @zappos already replied and thanked me. This shows how truly on top of their social media game they are!

· What do you recommend brands measure to assess a brand’s responsiveness?

To answer this question, @Rlars22 tweeted “It all comes down to customer satisfaction in the end.” Many others noted that timeliness in answering customer complaints is important. Chatter @kaamayni noted surveys, customer retention rate, and social media monitoring. My answer was that when customers have an issue, see if the resolution made them want to shop with that brand again.

· What tools best measure and reflect your customer’s satisfaction level?

I responded with Google reviews, Yelp and social media to offer insight. I find Yelp to be helpful as a consumer, but others in the chat thought of Yelp as a place for “trolls.” Chatter @tommyguns said a great point, “You can’t always solve a customer’s issue but explore how to make the situation better.”

· Store transactions are down but conversions are up. Discuss responsive retail platforms, inventory and customers.

Participant @JamieGossman answered “For me with online shopping it has to be easy and time saving, that is generally the reason I am shopping on their site.” I also particularly liked the response from @CSDFraming: “Customers are learning more about products before they buy them and not after.” Also, @traceferg noted that the Amazon Prime two-day shipping is now competing with brick-and mortar stores, as now customers can get the items they want quickly without the inconvenience of leaving the house.