The Collective Brain: A poem for the future of the media

When I imagine what the media will look like 10 years from now

50 years from now

100 years from now

I imagine a massive collective brain

I imagine invisible electrical wires jutting out from our heads

curling into the sky, diving down into busy city streets, weaving around streetlights and skyscrapers

reaching into other heads across the world from us

I imagine the media becoming a big machine

One we are a part of

I imagine the device becoming something more than a thing we simply hold and use

I imagine us becoming one with the device

Compensating our reasoning for the reasoning of the collective mind — the universal device, the big machine.

I imagine a barrage of wires

I imagine too many ideas and too many choices

Metal trees

Metal ground

Metal ocean

Metal hearts




carbon monoxide


a million swallowed apple seeds

photocopied art

digitized mawkish messages

or, if we wield the machine wisely

I imagine a collective muscle

a body lifting what we couldn’t lift before

building what we could not build before

connecting in ways we never thought possible

fixing in ways we never thought possible

until now

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