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4 ways to deliver AMAZING customer service!

Can you remember the last time you got amazing customer service? What do you consider amazing? Are you delivering that feeling to every customer that you make contact with?

To create that feeling of WOW for a customer is a combination of many things. Below are the four base qualities necessary to create the foundation of an amazing interaction for a customer.

Be genuine

Be yourself! When you are talking to a customer be real, be genuine, be present and in the moment. A sincere laugh and smile will get you a long way. Whether trying to close the sale or turn around an angry customer, your genuine concern for how they are feeling can turn any interaction into a win-win situation!

Be honest

Don’t underestimate a customer’s bullshit meter. They can smell it from a mile away, so NEVER lie to a customer. It’s not worth it. You discredit yourself and all the work you have done to gain a customer’s trust.

Communicate effectively

Communication is the key. Identifying a customer’s need and then tailoring your communication style will draw them in. Always remember good communication includes not just talking, but also listening and body language.

Be aware of the perception

When interacting with a customer, perception is EVERYTHING! Keep in mind that the customer’s ability to perceive your actions as having their best interests at heart will rule the transaction. This will transform them from a one off to a loyal customer.

Do you have any other suggestions on giving that WOW factor? Post it below!

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