Goldman Sachs 7 sins must result in RICO

It’s common sense we can’t allow Frank Nitti to pretend he is a United States Attorney who will properly prosecute Al Capone.

And, yet, in the eToys v Goldman Sachs case, that’s exactly what is going on.

Bush & Trump high level appoints — directly tied to Goldman Sachs — failed to recuse themselves as they ruled fSachs fraud cases unworthy of prosecution.

Such sins are a betrayal of the public’s trust that’s inexplicable & intolerable!

Goldman Sachs has ripped off, bribed, obstructed, lied, colluded & corrupted the integrity of the judicial process in order to gain unjust enrichment in the billions.

These crimes & corruption of the Federal Systems of Justice also resulted in the demise of iconic public & private companies; including Toys"R"Us!

Rigging cases is easy to do when Goldman Sachs Capones launders some of billions of dollars of ill-gotten gains — to grease the Justice wheels — to employee crony corrupts like Jay Clayton, Steven Peikin & Colm F’n Connolly.

Before we delve into the nitty gritty, please read my girlfriend public comments on how Toys"R"Us could have been saved!

The bad faith Machiavellian powers that be are keeping my dying girlfriend from getting her Law license out iof retirement; because — with it — Mary Elizabeth and I could walk into court, together, and bring down this mile high house of cards.

This reporter is both a felon and an SEC whistleblower

My journey has compelled me to be both a reporter (Steven Haas a/k/a Laser) who also was the Delaware Federal Court appointed head of eToys.

Now — I’m both a felon & whistleblower!

As one who has been threatened by the DOJ & FBI and SWAT’d — who, by the Martha Stewart standard can not lie to the FBI — I’m (once again) providing this as my sworn testimony to the FBI, DOJ, SEC and the public.

People need to see how Goldman Sachs has “captured” & perverted the American system of Justice!

Nearly every time I do this, then bad faith agents threaten me — to STFU — or they will incarcerate me, for life.

Without relent, I say F.U. to them (email proff) and I’ve dared the DOJ to do just that — to arrest me - if any single of my 100 contentions are patently false.

Instead of doing their job they have SWAT put me in handcuffs whilst an officer tried to bait me; telling me to run back to my room, so it would look good on YouTube.

When that officer cut my handcuff zip ties off, and told me — twice — to hurry up, I froze; and then they put me in handcuffs, again.

But the last place any of these crooks or their crony corrupts, want to see me, is in a Court of Law.

FEDS failure to arrest is pathetic

Unfortunately, the Justice system will be greatly embarrassed, once the eToys racketeering case — is addressed — so they staunchly refuse to investigate!

Meanwhile, I’m constantly making them look like idiots.

The top 7 sins of Goldman Sachs includes the defrauding of eToys IPO for a $Billion dollars, whilst Goldman Sachs also helped Bain Capital & others defraud Mattel shareholders for $4 Billion.

Subsequently, Goldman Sachs lawyers of Delaware MNAT law firm lied under oath (perjury) to conceal the fact they were Goldman Sachs lawyers; doing so in order to become the eToys victim law firm.

In that position of court authorized trust, MNAT then sued Goldman Sachs on behalf of eToys.

MNAT also argued against the eToys stock fraud victims from having their own — independent/ good faith — counsel.

Assuring the proverbial “fix” would be steadfast “in” the Sachs lawyers of MNAT — continuously benefiting from perjury — nominated Paul Roy Traub (a master of Ponzi schemes) to be eToys Creditors Attorney & lead counsel to sue Sachs, on behalf of eToys, in the NY Suoreme Court (case # 601805/2002).

In essence, Sachs sued Sachs!

As a matter of fact, Judges are ordering Clerks to refuse my filings, or actually dismissing my cases before they are entered into the docket record.

Please take a look at the dates (and who the judge is) in order to see how F’d up the system has become.

This is the D.C. Federal District Court case that the Clerk illegally manipulated the docket on.

Goldman Sachs openly uses bribery

As Goldman lawyers continued to defraud eToys, the Sachs law firm of MNAT, in collusion with Paul Traub, then tried to bribe me as eToys CEO (Laser Haas).

Kay-Bee CEO Michael Glazer accepted his $18 million bribery; with Sachs MNAT law firm also being Bain Capital lawyer.

You can read part of the details of the bribery in Federal cases, where I’m both the Rolling Stone September 2012 cover story source (“Greed and Debt”) & I’m also the whistleblower in the Kay-Bee case of how it is that Bain Capital was grifted $83 million by Kay-Bee CEO Michael Glazer (who paid himself a bribe if $18 million) prior to Michael Glazer filing bankruptcy of Kay-Bee.

Everybody knows good & damn well that nobody is allowed to furtively yank out $100 million dollars, prior to filing a bankruptcy.

But everybody else doesn’t have billions of dollars is stolen money that can be used to bribe Jay Clayton into being willfully blind!

Contuing to expand criminal enterprise, the racketeers secret agent, Paul Roy Traub, pretended to prosecute Michael Glazer & Bain Cap., in the Kay-Bee case.

Traub was also committing perjury by his concealing the fact Traub worked for Bain Capital & Michael Glazer at Stage Stores.

In defense of the crooks, with my & eToys lawyers of MNAT snuck in their partner, Colm Connolly, to be the Delaware United States Attorney, who presided over these cases in question, as the Delaware DOJ had my testimony stricken from the court record in the Kay-Bee case.

My whistleblowing in eToys & Kay-Bee actually forced USAG Deputy Lawrence Friedman, to tuck tale and run for retirement just 2 months after he sent me this personal email promise that he was on top of our case -

Goldman Sachs frauds upon the courts

This picture diagram above is over a decade old; and it shows how Goldman Sachs tries to stay on the sidelines; whilst letting every one else do the dirty works.

When the NY Supreme Court of Appeals Ruled, in 2013, that our eToys v Sachs billion dollar fraud case would reopened, thrn MNAT & Traub rushed to settle the billion dollar case for a mere $7.5 million.

That ridiculous outcome was achieved by MNAT forging the resignation papers of me as head of eToys — so that Paul Traub’s guy Barry Gold — could be inserted in my stead the new eToys CEO.

Barry Gold also worked for Bain Capital & Glazer in the Stage Stores & Kay-Bee cases.

More than 200 crimes have been done and Ive detailed the facts to the SEC, DOJ, Public Integrity, FBI, OIGs, OSC, OPR and Public Corruption units.

Resultantly, the unremorseful, in our faces, refusals to prosecute has become a full blown national security problem

This needs be addressed by Congressional hearings.

Goldman Sachs needs to get a (long overdue) — RICO indictment.

But that’s not happening until Goldman Sachs lawyers being regularly arranged to be willfully blind top Federal agency prosecutors — is publicly addressed.

Specifically, Delaware United States Attorney, Colm Connolly (now the Chief Justice), in collusion with Goldman Sachs lawyers Jay Clayton & Steven Peikin (who were top dogs at SEC )— are just part of the racketeering pattern of how Goldman Sachs has continuously obstructed justice!

Our tax paid public servants are being used to aid & abet Goldman Sachs rackets as strong arm Retaliation & Intimidation of victim/ witness like me.

In 2015, the final Goldman Sachs defraud of eToys shareholders was cemented when all the eToys cases were closed.

Then Trump won in 2016, had a very public dinner with Romney; where Mitt got his wush for Jay Clayton to become head of the SEC, Colm Connolly was renominated (confirmed this time) to become a Delaware Federal District Court Judge; and Michael Milken finally got his pardon.

In a legitimate era of justice none of these Machiavellian schemes & artifices to defraud would be tolerated; and the observable betrayals of the public’s trust would result in Congressional hearings.

Question is, do we now live in a legitimate era of justice???

Goldman Sachs bad faith culture

In 2010, Goldman Sachs was charged by the S.E.C. with deliberately releasing misleading information (see — here); and that purported ?mistake? turned into a $500 million settlement.

Following that, in 2012, Sachs VP Greg Smith, resigned as he sent a letter to NY Times stating he did so because Goldman Sachs had a bad faith culture.

Sachs made fun of easy to bilk parties— as Goldman called its clients — Muppets.

Subsequently, Sachs was found guilty of the Malaysian 1MDB scandal; and ordered to pay up to $2.9 billion.

Goldman Sachs claimed that Malaysian 1MDB fraud was a single, aberrant act, of behavior.

But CEO David Solomon knows it’s a lie!

When Solomon was made CEO, he received a letter from Laser Haas; informing Solomon of Sachs defraud of eToys.

Goldman Sachs General Counsel did immediately resign; but the eToys case has remained unaddressed.

Those 1MDB & other cases pale in compare to Goldman Sachs betrayal of eToys!

It is a fact that the eToys public company was busted out & deliberately destroyed, by Goldman Sachs.

Just another one of the Muppets!

As reviewers will see, Goldman Sachs is clearly running a racketeering enterprise.

Sachs is getting billions upon billions of dollars in ill-gotten gains; and that is being laundered into other major organized crimes efforts like 1MDB.

Goldman also uses a small part of its unjust enrichment to have Sachs lawyers arranged to be the very prosecutors over Goldman Sachs cases.

This is a problem that is now systemic & incestuous.

Back in 1970, Congress made a Law, titled the RICO Act that was created in order to address the dynamics of “prosecutorial gaps” of cases like eToys.

But the 9th Circuit ruled all these facts are “insubstantial”; and the 3rd Circuit ruled that the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedures does not apple to eToys case.

Both those perverted rulings were not signed!

The eToys related cases are the poster child proof that the Racketeering Act is sorely needed.

But where do amoeba victims and whistleblowers go when Goldman Sachs has completely “caputured” our Federal System of Justuce?

As detailed below, Goldman Sachs has 7 major sins, in eToys; which mandate a RICO indictment.

Our nation should never allow Al Capone to arrange to plant Frank Nitti to become Federal prosecutor of Capone cases.

Nor would any decent Judge ever permit Capone to claim he is beyond Statute of Limitations; because Al is “retroactively” retired from his organized crimes.

Unfortunately, both of those absurd and unjust paradigms are exactly what is going on in our eToys related cases.

This corruption of due process is mainly because of guaranteed willful blindness by heavily conflicted Federal prosecutors.

When Capone knows the proverbial “fix” is steadfast “in”; then Capone will steal bigger, faster, from as many as they can

Such a problem is easy to fix, once we find somebody who cares about truth and will actually effort for justice.

When Goldman Sachs is properly looked at and prosecuted by a contemporaneous version of Eliot Ness, then many major changes will undoubtedly come!

Goldman Sachs is a master in conflict of interests crimes

Recently, the SDNY Federal Court Judge Paul Crotty presided over - whether or not - Goldman Sachs has an issue with conflicts of interests issyes.

As is detailed here, Goldman Sachs has made a huge “bizness” out of conflict of interest schemes.

His Honor Crotty recently ruled that a class action v Sachs, for conflicts , will go forward.

You can see the details of that Goldman Sachs deceit case in this week’s Reuters article, “Goldman Sachs must again face crisis-era securities fraud class action”.

Judge Crotty rejected the Goldman Sachs contention — that integrity — is the heart of Goldman Sachs business.

If that, or any court were alerted to these facts of cronyism with our Fed systems — Goldman Sachs goose might be more than cooked!

Goldman lawyers are prosecutors who always decline to investigate or indict Goldman Sachs cases

This larger issue of Goldman Sachs is how ill-gotten gains are laundered investment into perverting the Justice system.

Clearly, this Wall Street “capture” of the Federal systems of justice is a Natiinal Security issue that needs to be addressed.

We can not permit organized criminals an open license to infiltrate our Federal watchdogs agencies.

It’s absurd!

Nor can it be clearer that parties getting paid millions of dollars from Goldman Sachs —who are demoted from partnership earnings, to become lesser paid public servants — be openly allowed to have their conflict of interest remain unaddressed

Especially when such conflicted persins refuse to investigate (much less prosecute) their former/ future partners or clients?

A key component of the eToys saga is the Delaware Law firm of Morris Nichols Arsht and Tunnell (“MNAT”).

MNAT is an attorney for Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Mattel and eToys.

Also MNAT was court ordered represent the processing of my paperwork, to the court, as head of eToys.

It is MNAT that must also be held fully accountable for the fact it deliberately betrayed multiple court approved clients.

And it’s MNAT being duplicitshits as key scheming component to infiltrate the Federal System of Justice.

Detailed throughout here, and by picture charts and facts posted, are the vidible incestuous ties of Goldman Sachs to organized crimes and the who, how & why’s of MNAT scams escaping any scrutiny throughout the entire Federal Justice system.

Surely out of 300 million citizens with 100s of thousands of Law pros we must be able to find a few decent people who have no ties to Goldman Sachs.

I know there are honest people who are willing to do an honest job!

Just look at Delaware Senator Kaufman and his right hand guy Jeff Connaughton.

Senator Ted Kaufman and his expert Mr. Connaughton spent their entire 2 years trying to hold Wall Street accountable for the mortgage crisis.

I had reached out to their staff, at that time around 2009; but I didn’t push too hard to get an appointment as then VP Joe Biden & son Beau (then Delaware AG) were already helping me.

Senator Joe Biden and his AG son Beau were prevented from getting involved in our eToys case; because it might be misconstrued as Obstruction.

But the Bidens, who knew of me, as I had lived by them and networked in higher social circles, in Delaware, dud provide me with Smoking Gun proof that Colm Felix Connolly was a crony corrupt Federal prosecutor. (Please see Colm’s DOJ resume — here)

Its absurd that, out of 50,000 lawyers and other such legal eagles in Delaware, how in the Hell did we wind up with the crony corrupt Colm F’n Connolly as Chief Delaware Federal Court Justice?

All 5 of these current Delaware Federal Justices are partners in burying our eToys case from investigation & prosecution!

It’s as plain as the nose on your face!

Let’s take a look at the glaring / alarming resumes of the other Federal authorities who were unreasonably willfully blind to 100s of racketeering crimes benefiting Goldman Sachs.

These conflicted parties are required to recuse themselves; especially when their partners & clients are clearly breaking the law.

However, if these betrayers had properly recused themselves, then they wouldnt be able to illegally rule that -Goldman Sachs

— didn’t do nuttin!

Their public resumes are telltale

A. - It begins with a wife. Whereas Gretchen Clayton was 20 year partner in Goldman Sachs M&A division.

B. - Jay Clayton (Gretchen’s husband) - was then arranged to be Chairman of the S.E.C.

C.-After becoming head of the S.E.C., Jay Clayton hired his partner, Steven Peikin, (another Goldman Sachs lawyer ) - to be the top Enforcer for the S.E.C.

D.-Steven Peikin was previous S.E.C. Task Force Chief & SDNY Assistant United States Attorney who ruled with Colm Connolly - on multiple occasions - that Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital- didn’t do nuttin!

E.-Colm F’n Connolly was Delaware Assistant United States Attorney till 1999.

Then Colm Connolly became an MNAT partner (where MNAT is Delaware law firm for Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital).

Colm Connolly — like Peikin, revolved door back to DOJ as higher office.

You can read Colm’s DOJ resume — here

Connolly was top dog as Delaware United States Attorney who ruled many times, until 2009 resignation, that Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital — didn’t do nuttin

Trump rewarded Colm Connolly, in 2018, with the Delaware Federal Judgeship that, in 2007, Senator Joe Biden, actually helped me to deny Colm Connolly being grante a Delaware Federal Judgeship.

Fed prosecutors threatened to silence

Armed with the Smoking Gun resume of Colm Connolly, I filed Public Corruption Task Force Complaint on December 7, 2007.

Goldman Sachs undue power & influence also perverted that case

F.-The DOJ Public Corruption Unit was unable to state that nobody did nuttin; because Los Angeles Public Corruption Task Force was - Shut Down.

Making matters even worse is the fact that career Federal prosecutors actually were threatened to keep their mouths shut!

This was the 1st time, in 8 years, that the FBI actually called me

Speciously, the shut down of that Public Corruption Task Force was right after the Special Unit was informed, by me, of Colm Connolly conflicts of interests corruption in eToys cases!

Please see L.A. Times article, that is titled — ”Shake-up roils federal prosecutors

With Federal prosecutors Colm Connolly in collusion with Steven Peikin (see his resume picture below) to protect Goldman Sachs from investigations or prosecution, that’s when Malaysia 1MDB began!

Goldman Sachs 7 Sins in eToys

Succinctly, as is already documented here, Goldman Sachs is majir part of a racketeering enterprise in partnership with Bain Capital to bleed out, bankrupt & destroy dozen public/private companies, for $10s of $Billions of dollars.

Whilst it has been par for the course to do slap on the wrist fines of Goldman Sachs (who hardly ever admits wrong doings) — such slap on the wrists can not even be considered as justice in our eToys cases.

For 2 decades, Goldman Sachs and many lawyers thereof have perpetrated a vast criminal conspiracy; doing 100s of overt felonious acts — including Obstruction!

The degree of reprehensiblibimity mandates a RICO indictment in eToys.

Here, below, are some major, undeniable, dynamic, details….

Goldman Sachs visible 7 Sins in eToys

1 — Goldman Sachs defrauds eToys IPO

When eToys was taken public, in 1999, Goldman Sachs was the agent who deliberately underpriced eToys for $20; instead of $80; doing a stock fraud!

You can read the Smoking Gun facts in the March 2013 New York Times article — ”Rigging the IPO Game

2 — Sachs Perjuries sabatoges eToys

In order to make sure there was no chance of investigation or prosecutions of Goldman Sachs, a criminal conspiracy plot was perpetrated.

Golman Sachs lawyers at the MNAT law firm deliberately lied under oath, dozens of times, concealing the fact that MNAT is affiliated with Goldman Sachs.

Then MNAT obstructed, bribed, did mail fraud, Intimidation of victim / witnesses, Retaliations and more.

MNAT numerous perjuries were put forth to the Chief Judge of the Delaware U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Court- so that Sachs law firm of MNAT would be approved - to represent eToys against Goldman Sachs.

In other words, the very company that defrauded eToys IPO for a billion $$$ — had its Goldman Sachs MNAT lawyers pretending to be representing eToys - against the perpetrators Goldman Sachs.

Sachs was suing Sachs!

Being that MNAT also represented Bain Capital — an additional ploy was to get Bain Capital people, like Paul Roy Traub, to represent eToys Creditors.

Traub was lying under oath to conceal his ties to Bain Capital, Michael Glazer and Barry Gold, so that Traub could be the Mattel Creditors attorney pretending to be MNAT opponent

Both MNAT & Traub were later found guilty, in 2005, of failure to disclose their conflicts to Chief Judge (MFW).

But their crimes weren’t prosecuted due to the fact MNAT partner, Colm Connolly was furtively arranged to be Delaware United States Attorney over the very cases in question.

You can read the Chief Judges Published OPINION to disgorge both MNAT & Traub at Delaware Courts website details of — ”eToys MNAT fees

3 — Goldman failed to bribe eToys CEO

This is where the fraud things in eToys bankruptcy schemes went totally wrong.

The RICO gang believed it would be easy to bribe me, as the CEO of eToys, to become a partner of Mitt Romney’s gang of roaming managers at Bain Capital (as had Michael Glazer).

Not that it would’ve made any difference; but — at the time — Romney wasn’t yet a Governor; and with 9/11 goings on — nobody really knew whom it was.

Whilst the eToys books & records were illegally destroyed by MNAT — my counterpart (Kay-Bee CEO Michael Glazer) — actually accepted his $18 million dollar bribery.

All of these pre, during & post bankruptcy case crimes are Racketeering!

Michael Glazer then became CEO of — the now defunct - Stage Stores.

Please see Matt Taibbi’s September 2012 Rolling Stone cover story “Greed & Debt

I’m the source of “Greed and Debt” and Im the guy who also blew the whistle of $100 mli9n dollar fraud in Kay-Bee.

By the way, Taibbi failed to address the fact that Glazer was both CEO of Kay-Bee and Director of Stage Stores.

Now Stage is bankrupted a second time; and closed down.

Also the “Greed and Debt” article failed to note that MNAT was representing Bain Capital in Kay-Bee case of the $100 mil fraudulent conveyance.

MNAT was secretly representing Bain Capital after being Orded to represent eToys against Bain Capital.

Furthermore, Traub/ TBF requested the Kay-Bee courts permission to prosecute Glazer & Bain $100 million fraudulent conveyance.

Traub did so without notifying the court that Paul RoyTraub’s TBF firm worked for Michael Glazer & Bain at Stage Stores.

Colm Connolly’s Justice Department had my evidences of the Kay-Bee crimes — Stricken & Expunged from the record!

4 — Sachs sues Sachs using Ponzi schemer

Pictured below, at the bottom, is Paul Roy Traub; who was founder of the Traub Bonacquist & Fox (“TBF”) law firm that was later merged with Traub partner/ fraudster Marc Dreier.

Prior to eToys, Traub/ TBF worked under Barry Gold, at Stage Stores bankruptcy.

Speciously, Barry Gold worked under Director Michael Glazer, who was CEO of Kay-Bee; and they all worked for owner of Stage Stores — Willard Mitt Romney.

During eToys, MNAT, Barry Gold & Traub TBF were compelled by me to confess their lies under oath; but they weren’t arrested.

With Goldman Sachs/ Bain Capital’s secret law firm of MNAT snuck into eToys — pretending to represent eToys against Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital — and Bain Capital’s Stage Stores lawyer Paul Traub/TBF snuck in as Mattel’s Creditors Attorney purportedly representing all creditors against Sachs & Bain…..

Then MNAT & Traub/ TBF remove eToys court appointed head, Laser Haas and the crooks know they are protected by MNAT partner Colm Connolly.

Paul Traub & Bain Capital partner, Barry Gold — was inserted into eToys as the new CEO — in order for MNAT, Traub and Barry to pretend the eToys case was kosher.

So the RICO gang replaces Laser Haas with another Bain Capital roaming manager of Barry Gold.

Then, with my being locked out and the eToys Judge ordering the Clerk to block my filings — the RICO Gang could finish their unjust enrichment feeding frenzy.

It was confessed, in 2005, that Barry Gold and Paul Traub were partners; and that eToys planted Barry Gold in as President & CEO of eToys — after — Traub’s TBF law firm paid Barry 4 payments of $30,000 each.

Colm Connolly also declined to prosecute the Traub crimes; despite the fact Traub TBF admitted the lies under oath were intentional.

I found this Smoking Gun that proved the affidavits of Barry Gold and Traub were lies, when they were claiming not to know each other.

In actuality, Barry & Traub were partners!

4 (cont.) — With eToys Chief Judge appointed CEO, Laser Haas, moved out of the way, then MNAT & Barry Gold nominated their partner in crime — Paul Roy Traub / TBF — to be prosecutor to sue Goldman Sachs on behalf of eToys.

Paul Traub also was “control” partners with fraudsters & Ponzi schemers (Marc Dreier & Tom Petters).

Hence — in essence — MNAT & Barry Gold who were on purportedly against Goldman Sachs had their Traub/ TBF partner in crimes to sue Sachs; via Ponzi schemer, Paul Roy Traub!

Goldman Sachs was suing Goldman Sachs in order to assure eToys would lose another Billion dollars this 2nd time.

5 — Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital had the intent to destroy eToys public company

When Goldman Sachs defrauded eToys IPO for a billion dollars — Sachs & Bain also defrauded Mattel of nearly $4 Billion — via a merger of “The Learning Compay”

MNAT handled that “Learning” merger. (See the pic above)

This means MNAT still has an undisclosed conflict of Mattel, Sachs & Bain Capital.

Such serious confluct of interests crimes mandate that Colm Connolly & Steven Peikin prosecute.

…….But — they — didn’t!

Then the march began of Bain Capital want to own Toys"R"Us by laundering its ill-gotten gains from Stage Stores, eToys and Kay-Bee organized crimes.

Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital plot to destroy eToys was necessary & simple.

Sell eToys assets to Bain/ Kay-Bee for reduced prices; and make sure the eToys v Sachs NY Supreme Court case fails.

By succeeding in those many schemes & artifices to defraud — with conflicted persons planted in place in eToys and also in the Federal systems of Justice— that would assure the eToys public company would be completely destroyed.

6.-Sachs defrauds eToys of another $billion

Coincidentally, shortly after Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election, the New York Supreme Court of Appeals Ruled, in 2013, that the eToys v Goldman Sachs Billion dollar stock fraud case — could reopen.

MNAT, Barry Gold and Traub/ TBF had furtively won their argument to the Chief Judge — that eToys shareholders need not get their own lawyers (the gang promised the court that MNAT, Barry Gold & Traub’s TBF would protect the eToys stockholders).

Unfortunately, the exact opposite thing happened.

Paul Traub rushed to settle the Sachs v Sachs eToys $Billion dollar stock fraud case for a paltry $7.5 million.

Compounding that criminal conspiracy, MNAT, Barry Gold & Paul Traub publicly fought over & kept the entire $7.5 million.

EToys shareholders got zero, zilch nada!

7 — Federal prosecutors are Sachs lawyers

As previously discussed throughout, the actual top Federal authorities over the eToys cases were Colm Connolly, Steven Peikin and Jay Clayton.

Inexplicably & intolerably these heavily conflicted — tax paid public servants — flatly refused to abide by their oaths to protect the Constitution of the United States.

Corruptly, the Goldman Sachs cronies always refused to investigate/ prosecute the RICO gang.

This inexcusable refusal to prosecute occurred — even after confessions — to 100s of organized crimes.

Due to these many betrayals of the publics trust by Colm Connolly, Steven Peikin & Jay Clayton — eToys lost and many other major retail Toy companies, ncluding Toys"R"Us were destroyed.

Summing it all up; Goldman Sachs needs to be indicted for RICO

No matter how anyone looks at the eToys case, Goldman Sachs has benefited from organized crimes.

It is also a well settled matter that nobody can benefit from fraud.

Goldman Sachs & its lawyers have lied, cheated, retaliated, intimidated, bribed, schemed, colluded, obstructed justice and did the intolerable corruption of the integrity of the judicial process!

Both the United States Trustee and the Delaware Bankruptcy Court Chief Justice cited the United States Supreme Court case of Hazel-Atlas Glass v Hartford Empire; which reopened a 9 year old case due to frauds on the court by officers of the courts.

Additionally, the Chief Judge Published OPINION in eToys concluded with a “comfort order” that stipulated any other conflicts would result in reopening the eToys case.

There’s dozens of conflicts of interests in eToys that have not yet been addressed; including, but not limited to -

MNAT = Mattel, Bain Capital & Wells F

Also, Barry Gold & Traub = Bain Kay-Bee

Beyond Hazel Atlas Glass, the recent S.E.C. & 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals has concluded that there’s a solid 10 years Statute of Limitations for deliberate fraud.

Our eToys case was closed in 2015.

Even if, arguendo, all those issues were tossed — the fact of the matters remain that — Capone can’t corruptly arrange for Nitti to be a planted pretend prosecutor of Al Capone cases — and then try claim that the Constitution they are assaulting, protects them.

Nor can anybody claim that they are “retroactively” retired from 2 decades of 100s of organized crimes!

Despite the claims to the contrary — in eToys — there’s a double legal standard.

That being said, this time, it is clearly obvious the good ole boys of MNAT, Barry Gold and Paul Roy Traub have literally gone too damn far!

Furthermore, Jay Clayton, Steven Peikin & Colm Connolly are dishonorable public servants unworthy of rank; and likely worthy of jail time.

Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital must be fined, heavily; and tgey must cough up billions in recompense to their victims.

And the warranted RICO indictment for the major 7 sins must result in the demise of the MNAT law firm.

None of these firms or persons are too big to fail, or jail!

No justice — No peace!




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