Industries using hologram labels in India

India is witnessing a large number of imitation issues pertaining to products and services these days. These issues are not only harming the image of brand, sourcing the authentic products and services, but simultaneously creating a black market of forged, low quality goods as well. In a market, where the increasing numbers of counterfeiting and security lapses pose a threat to the manufacturers, hologram industry is a sure shot relief and believed to offer a holistic solution to them.

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Hologram solutions, by way of holographic sticker label and holographic paper label have a strong potential in the hologram market in India. The use of holographic sticker label and holographic paper label will make the process of duplication difficult and help in retaining the originality of a product. These are being extensively used by several industrial goods manufacturers to curb the chances of duplicating goods and establish authenticity in their quality goods.

Electronic goods

Electronic goods like laptops, music systems, cell phones, chargers, batteries, adapters and even audio and video CD’s are growing by duplication. Many cheap electronic stores are often found to be selling these electronic goods with the brand names of big electronic media houses. They are simply duplicating the goods, with low specifications and selling them to the end users at low rates. These forged goods and not at all authentic and often pose a threat to the electronic devices and to humans as well. Often cases of electronic device explosions are reported with phony electronic items. It is because of this reason that many electronic goods manufacturers are turning to holographic sticker label and holographic paper label to sort the issue.

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The pharmaceutical industry is growing rapidly today and so is a parallel market for cheap, dubious medicines. Most of the doubtful drugs have wrong chemical compositions, sometimes leading to serious physical problems. However, the counterfeiters are cashing on the poverty status of the low income strata of the society and catering them with harmful medicines. This is hampering the brands of several drug and pharmacy companies, forcing them to resort to holographic sticker label and holographic paper labels on their packaged medicines.

Food items

Growing market of unauthorised and illegal food items, under the brand of big food suppliers, is a big threat. In fact, many small towns and villages, which have a greater proportion of the low income strata or below poverty line people, are being lured into purchasing such dubious products by the counterfeiters. The food items thus sold are of low quality and are often found to be hazardous. This has heightened the increase of holographic sticker label and holographic paper label by the food suppliers in India.


Witnessing cosmetic products from big brands, with wrong spellings is a common sight in some stores. The wrong spellings and wrong list of chemical composition clearly highlight that the product has been imitated and is being sold wrongly under the brand name. Skin rashes and irritations are known to happen with such wrong products. Due to such problems, the cosmetic manufacturers too have resorted to the holographic sticker label and holographic paper labels to control the forgery.

Source — Lasersec India