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Everyone knows that devs love trees. In fact, it might be the most common way to start a tech blog post. This time we used a Dragon blood tree. We like the way it branches; it is like the organic physical representation of our node_modules folder….

Hey! It’s been a while and we wanted to let you know that the web team at Personal Capital is still alive and responding pings with low latency.

Our blog has finally moved and we’re stoked about it. In fact, we’re so energized that we wanted to do a follow up on what has happened in the 900~ days since we created our last post and now.

In this post, we’re going to cover all the changes that we’ve made to our stack, why we made those changes and also share some of the good and bad things that these changes have brought to us. …


Luis Sepulveda

Crafting user experiences line by line

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