Phoenix Lasik Surgery For Vision Correction

Lasik stands for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis. It uses the excimer laser, which is a cool UV rays and helps to remove the microscopic tissue that have covered the surface of the cornea. The surgery is mostly used to treat the people with short sightedness called as Myopia and the people with long sightedness which is termed as Hyperopia. The Lasik surgical method is also used to treat the Astigmatism of the eyes. The excimer laser treatment is also used to reshape the cornea of the eye. For treatment the flap of eye is hinged backwards and right after the laser treatment is done the flap is converted to its original position.

Before the Lasik surgery the surgeons perform several tests for your eyes to ensure that the eye conditions are fit for the surgery. There are several factors that are needed to be evaluated before the surgical procedure

Shape of the cornea

Firstly, the shape of the cornea is tested though an automated machine. The machine is called as the corneal topographer. The machine helps to plot a map of the cornea and by reading this map the surgeons perform the surgery. The Lasik vision surgery is very helpful because the method easy and safe. The map of the cornea helps the surgeons to correctly allocate the place where the surgery has to be performed.

Thickness of cornea

People with short sightedness and long sightedness have different thickness of cornea. The thickness of the cornea is an essential factor to consider before the eye surgeons can operate the eye.

Pupil Size

Except the cornea, the size of the pupil is also measured so that the overall vision of the person can be corrected. During the Lasik surgery overall vision of the eye is corrected.

Refractive Errors

Other refractive errors of the retina and the lens are also considered before performing the Lasik surgery. This makes the surgeons aware where to perform the laser treatment.

Moistness of the eye

The surgeons, before proceeding for operation evaluate the moistness of the patient’s eyes. This is an essential precautionary measurement because the moistness of eyes can cause some problems whistle the surgical procedure. Moreover, to reduce the risk of dry eyes, after the Lasik procedure, the moistness is measured. These precautions are very useful for the patients, as well as the surgeons.

Wave front analysis

The wave front analysis is an important procedure to evaluate the correct report of your eye. The analysis helps to check the aberrations that can affect your vision. The light waves are sent in the eyes and these provides a clear map of the eyes.

Wearing Contact lenses

Wearing contact lenses after the Lasik Surgery is not advisable because these can affect your vision. You should consult your doctor after the Lasik surgery and they will guide when to use your glasses again. Wearing the contact lenses can alter the nature and the shape of your cornea, which will have adverse effect on your vision.

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Moretsky Cassidy LASIK

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