Steps Of Laser Eye Surgery


Eyes are very much important part of our body and it is true that we cannot perform any task in our life without proper eyes. If you don’t have proper vision then it is important that you get the laser vision correction. It is the type of eye surgery which helps you by reshaping the cornea. Cornea is the clear window in the front of eyes and this process is done using a laser. The task is accomplished by subtracting or adding the microscopic amount of tissue of cornea. Initially the flaps are created in front if the cornea and then the reshaping process are followed. Then the flap is reapplied. The thing that makes this method more popular is that the flap remains smooth and the recovery of vision is very fast.

There are different types of eye surgery treatments which are available. In traditional treatment the flap is developed by the instrument microkeratome and it depends on the oscillating blade. Another method is the fem to second laser. The difference in two methods is the precision,consistency and accuracy which is found more in the fem to second laser method. Another method which is used is the 3D laser. In this method a 3d map is created of the vision. This treatment allows exceeding the quality of vision which is obtained by the lenses and glasses.


There are 3 steps in which the treatment gets completed. The first step is determining the details. If the doctor feels that you are a right candidate,then the doctor invite you for the laser vision correction consultation. Your meeting will be organized with the counselor and the staff will conduct some of the pre-operative screening tests which include the corneal thickness, corneal topography, computerized wave and the pupil size scan. It is done so that the doctor can decide what you need exactly.

The next step includes the consent session and the eye exam with the measurements. They include the preoperative tests which are further interpreted and then discussed with surgeon. They provide all the necessary information which is needed and allows making a decision. Once you decide to get operated you need to inform the doctors and the will plan an operation date for you. You can also decide to get operated same day but you need to give 3 to 4 hours before that. They need the time to deposit your money and this will be deducted from the total cost.


Once the measurement examination is performed, the surgical date will be fixed and the doctors also provide their customer with the VISX technology. It allows the 3D eye tracking. If you are wearing the lenses, then you need to discontinue them before the exam and the surgery. It is said that the contact lenses changes the shape of your eyes and thus the doctor will suggest the time before which you should stop using them. If you are wearing glasses then this is no problem.

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