There are thousands of Lasik doctors around the world, each with differing qualifications and experience. Eye surgery is a very sensitive issue which needs your utmost attention. Therefore, you need to closely analyse and examine your options for Lasik doctors before you make a decision. There are some qualities that make some Lasik surgeons stand out from the rest.


First of all, a well-qualified Lasik surgeon has received quality training and always stays updated with recent developments in the field. This is essential because technological advancements are being made very rapidly nowadays and they are influencing nearly every aspect of life especially health and medicine. Moreover, merely having a medical degree does not make one a qualified Lasik doctor. Additional training is mandatory. Furthermore, to determine the integrity of the doctor, you should ensure that they have never had their medical license suspended or restricted. The next quality that the surgeon should possess is a large amount of experience in the field. A surgeon can be considered to be experienced if he or she has been conducting Lasik operations frequently for at least threeyears. Another very crucial quality is that the doctor gives priority to quality treatment over cost-saving practices.

Nowadays, medical equipment and practices can turn out to be quite expensive. In such circumstances, some doctors might have the inclination to carry out some alternative practices that would save money. This is a bad habit as the alternative practices have the potential to cause harm to the patient. A patient’s eyesight is way more important than any sort of money. A good Lasik doctor realizes this fact. They make sure that they are providing the best possible care to the patient. They also purchase the best quality tools instead of cheap tools. The next quality is one that shows a doctor genuinely cares for the patient. That quality is that the doctor visits the patient before and after the operation by himself.

As the doctor himself or herself, best knows the condition of the patient’s eye, he or she is the most suitable person for this task. Moreover, the performance of a doctor is largely dependent on the functioning of his or her facility. The facility of the doctor should be very organized and should be run efficiently. The doctor must ensure that the people in the facility are serious and dedicated towards their work. A good Lasik doctor also continually tests his or her medical equipment to ensure that they are working correctly. There is a possibility that an emergency might occur during the whole Lasik procedure. In such circumstances, it is essential that the doctor remains calm and cool and responds to the situation with diligence.

Notable LASIK Surgeons

Amongst the well-known Lasik Surgeons are Dr.Moretsky and Dr.Cassidy. Both names have consistently appeared on many top surgeon lists over the years. They are known for their experience in the field and there safe, efficient and effective treatment practices.

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Amongst the well-known Best Lasik Surgeons are Dr.Moretsky and Dr.Cassidy.

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