My Experience So Far In The Andela Bootcamp

It is the third day of self-learning and solving problems from home, I am already getting used to solving problems from home while I seek feedback from my fellow Bootcampers so as to be sure I am on track. Though the last three days might be for self-learning, I had been working under the guidance of my Learning Facilitator Assistant, who has been so wonderful and ever assisting.

The Bootcamp system of learning is structured in a way that tasks are given with expected outputs and skills to learn from them. This structure has taught me how to solve problems analytically within a time-frame while I follow standard procedure in solving the problems.

Before the Bootcamp, I had little knowledge about Agile methodology and for software development and scrum, but I have not applied them to solve real-life project. With the recipes sharing app we are asked to develop, I had been able to use Agile methodology for the project development and I used “Pivotal Tracker” as the scrum environment for creating user stories.

The Bootcamp has also given me the mindset that I can self-learn most programming skills, though under a mentor’s guide. This was possible because of the self-learning clinic theme “YOYO” — You Own Your Own, which is one out of many activities of the Bootcamp. I had been able to cover many skills through this scheme and I am loving it.

The Bootcamp so far has given me the opportunity to experience how Andela activities are structured and the expectation of an aspiring Andelan. Now I have first hand experience of the activities and the environment which I have been imagining from the outside.