How Does Laser Treat Spider Veins?

Spider veins, as the name suggests, appear like a Spider’s web. The Spider veins appear to be Purple, Blue or Red and are thread like. These veins are dilated and visible because of the increased pressure put on the veins. Spider veins also called Venulectasias or Telangiectasia can be formed on any part of the body like the Skin Specialist in South Delhi thighs, Buttocks, Ankles or even the Face. Laser therapy is the standard therapy used for curing the Spider veins.

How is the Laser Therapy done?

Laser therapy is performed under local Anaesthesia and it takes about an hour or less tentatively for the entire procedure. The beam of light is focused on the vein chosen for the treatment. It is very carefully done so that it does not impact the nearby tissue, skin and veins. The laser makes the vein get heated up and the vein finally gets destroyed. After four to six weeks the body reabsorbs the vein and then the vein gets disappeared.

How does the Laser treatment work?

The Skin gets pierced by the Laser and the superficial Blood Vessel gets penetrated by the laser. The Laser’s heat causes coagulation of the blood inside the vein resulting in the collapse of the vein. After few weeks, the vessel disappears and the Blood is removed from the scavenging cells of the body.

Is the Therapy painful?

For making the area numb, a local Anaesthesia is given. Therefore, it isn’t painful. When the laser is used, you might get a tingling sensation. Most of the lasers possess the cooling system preventing the damage or burns to the areas.

Which precautions should be taken by you?

Though there aren’t any major precautions required for the treatment yet you should avoid the Tattoo Removal Clinic exposure to the Sun, Smoking, eating Aspirin and drinking Alcohol at least a week prior to the Laser therapy.

On the day of the treatment, Moisturizers, creams and Lotions should be avoided on the area to be treated.

Are there any side effects of the Therapy?

The Skin just above the veins would appear to be Red in colour and this would vanish in another two days.

How many treatments would you require?

It is dependent on the veins. You might need six treatments or eight treatments. The next Pigmentation Treatment treatment is done after four to six weeks. Additional treatments would be required by the people having vascular problems.

When can you join your work?

You will be asked to resume all your normal activities immediately after getting the Laser therapy done.

Are there any other methods used for curing the Spider veins?

One of the most conservative methodologies for treating the Spider veins is wearing compression stockings. These are available in varied colours and styles. Unfortunately, the impact of wearing these stockings is negligible in curing the Spider veins. There’s another treatment for the Spider veins and it is called the Sclerotherapy.

What is Sclerotherapy?

In this procedure a chemical or a liquid is injected directly into the vein. This chemical not only irritates Best Dermatologist the vein but also causes the vein to collapse.

What are the advantages of Laser therapy over Sclerotherapy?

· The side effects are less

· The traumatic effects are less

· The time consumption is less

· The pain is less

· Laser is useful for curing Spider veins on the face while Sclerotherapy can’t be used on the face

Since Laser therapy is extremely beneficial in curing the Spider veins, therefore, you should get the procedure done from safe hands. Contact the best Dermatologist at………….. +91–9716 022 666