How To Get Tighter Firmer Skin With Laser Skin Tightening

Laser skin tightening uses laser light in the spectrum of infrared for heating up the Collagen present underneath your skin through the procedure of bulk heating. Heating collagen consistently leads to denaturation of the collagen and results in the formation of new collagen. This procedure is an excellent procedure for the people who find their skin to be loose and sagging.

What is the entire procedure of laser skin tightening like?

This entire procedure consumes about forty five minutes tentatively. Your face will be cleaned Best Skin Tightening Clinic thoroughly. This is followed by the clicking of your pretreatment photographs. After this, a thin layer of the cool gel is applied on your face. A cooling device is used to cool your skin. After this, the laser light is applied to the area that needs to be treated. After the completion of the treatment, a post treatment laser cream is applied.

Will the results be seen by me immediately?

Results are not generally seen till the second and third treatment takes place. The formation Dermatologist For Fillers In South Delhi of new collagen takes about six months tentatively. Therefore, the final results of the treatment are seen six months after the completion of your laser treatment.

How many treatments are required by me?

For ensuring good results, we recommend four to five treatments for you.

How often would this procedure be required by me?

For attainment of the best results, you should be regular with your treatment and should Acne Scar Treatment In India get yourself treated once in every three to four weeks, for four to five treatments. You need to get your maintenance treatment done once in a year.

Would it be possible for me to join my work after getting the procedure done?

Yes, you’ll be able to join your work immediately after getting the procedure done. You’ll only have to apply makeup.

Whom do you consider to be a good candidate for you for getting the laser skin tightening done?

A person who has thin and loose skin around the jaw and the neck can benefit from this treatment. When you feel the skin or pinch the skin and you find the skin Pigmentation Treatment In India to be loose, you are an apt individual for getting your laser treatment done. Mostly people of 45 to 55 years are the best people for getting such a procedure done.

Does this treatment work on everybody?

This treatment works on eight to nine people out of every ten people. This implies that one or two patients do not respond to such a treatment.

Can this procedure be combined with other laser treatments?

Yes, this procedure can be combined with a laser freckle removal, photo facial, laser pore tightening and varied other kinds of facial laser procedures. The different procedures work together for producing better and excellent results for you.

Which is a better treatment-Laser skin tightening over Botox or laser skin tightening over dermal filler?

If you wish to get Botox or Dermal filler done, in both the cases, laser skin tightening is suggested Botox Treatment In South Delhi first. After getting the laser skin tightening done, you can wait for three to four weeks and after that you can get Botox or Dermal filler done.

Will I have to follow certain guidelines post getting such a treatment done?

Sunblock has to be worn after every laser treatment. Your skin has to be protected from the sun. You can eat a multivitamin every day for promoting a healthy skin and nourishing your skin.

Is it advisable for me to use my own facial care products?

This has to be suggested by your skincare specialist.

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