Is Derma Roller Safe?

Have you heard of the benefits of Derma roller? Are you planning to buy one for yourself? I would like to share certain important aspects before you buy one for yourself.

What is Derma Roller?

Derma roller is a simple device for an advanced treatment called the CIT, Collagen Induction Botox Treatment In South Delhi therapy. It comprises of a small cylinder made of plastic and hundreds of micro needles. These needles are fine and hence, pierce through your skin’s top layer creating thousands of mini punctures.

Why is the Derma Roller used?

Derma Roller stimulates the production of Collagen. The collagen induction therapy is conducted by using the micro needles of the roller for piercing your skin. It breaks Dermatologist In South Delhi down the scars and the wrinkles for inducing extensive production of the collagen. You get the sensation of minor pricking. Finally, a fresh layer of Collagen gets produced below your epidermis. The collagen that has been newly created thickens your skin. This results in reducing the imperfections of your skin after certain treatments of Derma Roller.

Is it safe to use Derma Roller at home?

As far as the safety of the Derma Roller is concerned, it entirely depends on the size of the micro needle. You need to refer to a dermatologist for knowing the size of PRP For Hair Fall Clinic the needle to be used by you. When you become comfortable with the micro needling, you can increase the size of your needle. Skin numbing might be required initially because it is a painful procedure and skin numbing should be done by the dermatologist. The results would become better as and when you increase the size of the needle. Therefore, you need to take the suggestion of the Dermatologist before using the Derma Roller at home.

How Derma rolling is done by the dermatologist?

The Dermatologist would first give a topical Anesthesia aestheticizing the area on which the Derma Roller has to be used. The dermatologist ensures that the area is Skin Tightening Clinic In Delhi prepared for the procedure. After this, he/she uses the derma roller in various directions for tentatively fifteen to twenty minutes. Pin point bleeding may occur. A rejuvenated and a natural skin would be formed after few weeks. For removal of the scars of Acne, it might take about three to four derma rolling sittings for the results to be seen.

Are there any side effects of Derma rolling?

Your skin might irritate you after the therapy. The irritation may last for two to three days. Your dermatologist might provide you with the local antibiotic cream for applying. This Pigmentation Treatment In Delhi might be accompanied with the usage of the photo protection. You can join your work the very next day.

Why Derma Roller is an effective beauty procedure?

Don’t you feel stressed because of a scar being on your face? This might cause embarrassment and uncomfortableness. Derma roller is an effective methodology for removing your scars. The favorable benefits include

· Affordability

· Effective in removal of wrinkles, stretch marks, scars and acne scars

· Facial rejuvenation

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