In my article, I am not telling that User Experience is itself dying. We are killing it slowly by not improving it to the next level. Our world is moving fast. We have to adapt to new technologies that can create a better world.
The UX is dying
muditha batagoda

You make some serious claims without any evidence. That you and people around you aren’t trying new things and designing for new things that’s one thing (and completely fine), but don’t lump the whole discipline with you.

By the way, people get older, in general. So look to new kids coming on the scene to teach you things.

And let’s not forget a major part of where UX stems from: Design. Design and Art are constantly looking to reform themselves and their (both them as creators and their work) relationships with users and technologies. It’d be insane to ever assume that this couldn’t ever be the case for UX.

I know some amazing people in UX who have been at IoT, VR, gesture tech, etc. for years, and are continuing to pioneer. UX is just design with a specific way of viewing the world (isn’t that just Design anyway?).

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