For those of you who love the true likes in online games. Now Skin coin that can support and perfect you to be able to buy skin cs go and dota 2. Who does not know both games? The game is a lot of interest for young people among game lovers. But many gamers are still confused or depressed to buy her favorite skin? Now skincoins are here to help your solution wherever you can trade deals in the trading of online game weapons.

Skincoin is one of the virtual stuff that we can use in online gaming. Skin can be used in online games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) and many others. The term “Skin” comes from the typical function of this item: change the look of the avatar in game, weapon, or player equipment.

Skins are virtual goods that generally can be worth of a few cents, dollars, ringgit to thousands of dollars or other currencies. Game developers do not allow skins to be exchanged for cash (only game credits), but the secondary market allows players to turn skins into cash, Like a casino chip, CS: GO.

The SKINCOIN token (skin) will be released based on the Ethereal blockchain platform. Tokens will be used to trade with game sites, buying / selling skins, making bets on gambling platforms and online betting.

A little info for those of you who do not know about leather. But I think all teenagers and adults who like the game already know and know the word skin.

  1. Players “deposit” skins to betting sites (popular types of sites including sports books, sweepstakes, roulette, and coins) by transferring skins to betting sites.
  2. Players (gamblers) who gamble or play on their pre-deposited skin (or in some kind of internal currency that players receive in return for their skins) so they can be used.
  3. If they win, they get paid with an additional skin, which they “cash out” by asking that the skin bet sites transfer skins back to the player.

When players have skins in their Steam account they get:

  • Leave the skin off in stock.
  • Using a skin can change the appearance of their weapons.
  • Players can trade transactions or skin transactions with other players.
  • Trading skins on the steam market for steam credits (not cash) that can be used and used to buy skins and other games via Steam.
  • Cash on third party sites outside Steam and earn real cash.

Growth and development for significant leather gambling products, mixed with a series of little things on the cash side will join the basket esports basket to the top vertical level of online gambling by 2020 and later on.

Specifically, for all cases that require relatively simple penetration of gambling products to a wider fan base of sports, and all require an average spending per ice that is well below the average of regular online sportsbook subscribers.

So the advantages of the players who use the skin, can be very helpful in pengunaanya. Then the players can also transact anytime and anywhere. So many advantages for players who wear Skin.

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