Fresh and quality ingredients rappresent the key to success for each restaurant, cafe, or pizzeria.

Where to buy quality products is the question mark for most of them. We try to help with our company “La Sorrento” exporting a wide range of exquisite products selected from small producers located in the peninsula area of Sorrento and towns nearby.

For many centuries, the Sorrento Peninsula has been considered and still is one of the most beautiful place in Italy and in the whole world, due to the beauty of nature and the mild climate. The characteristics of the fertile soil favors the production of most of the food known by planet earth. These products are the heritage of a land kissed by the sun.

For more than 10 years our firm established itself in the exporting field of such a gastronomic heritage. Through this experience we have learned to take extreme care for the needs of our customers and progressively opting for the best, doing a careful and meticulous selection of products.